carved hard wood box















The designs are completely original and designed by myself.

All the designs set off in the traditional method of sketching, some go on to be refined on the computer. Most of the time I get an idea sketch them, select an appropriate piece of wood that will reflect the desired mood of the design and start carving.

There is a compromise between form and function. Generally, the odder shaped wood jewelry boxes are inherently less functional yet their eye-catching appeal gives them a stand alone quality for an unuasual adornment to your home decor.


The Boxes

All boxes are made to the highest standards of fine craftsmanship. Every box is totally unique. The boxes are made from solid wood, so that they can be sanded down and refinished if any damage occurs.



Most of the woods I use are native to the Lake District such as burr oak, burr elm, Ash; cherry and walnut are combined with unusual timbers such as Spalted Beech, Spalted Poplar and various fruit woods.

I now have the facilities to dry my own wood that I have obtained from trees that have been blown down, within the Lake District. One exception to the native woods I use is Purple Heart, which is sourced from sustainable woodland within South America.


Brass Logo

Each box has a brass plate with the fox logo attached to the piece, to give that added touch of quality.




Every box that is made is photographed and catalogued.




There are two types of hinges used. The hidden b hinge, these are my preferred hinge, although a little difficult to work with, they do give the desired effect and allow flexibility to the sculpted form.

Brusco stop hinges are used on the larger traditional boxes, with woods that are prone for movement.



The boxes are lined with the highest quality velvet available, some of the boxes have a organic texture carved into the inside walls of the box.




The boxes are sealed and then waxed this gives a natural finish, and a high gloss can be achieved or satin if so desired. The advantage is that if the box is damaged it can be easily repaired.



The bases of the boxes are finished with suede leaves.




Please contact me with any comments or questions regarding any of the work presented on this site, or other work of mine that you may have seen elsewhere.







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