The elusive fox watches the grey sheep drink water from the main stream which runs into the great lake of limitations. The fox drifts off into the dark side of his native forest, finding a path that is ingrained in his deepest imagination, leaving the fruits of his darkest dreams as he follows the winding path of life.

Gary Todd


Gary who is based on the edge of the Lake District in Cumbria, started his career as a joiner going onto work as a design engineer.

Gary has been carving boxes from solid wood for some years now; the initial idea came from a commission from a gentleman, to make a jewellery box for his future wife, for their wedding day. He knew it had to be special, so when he started to design the box, he found the traditional method of making a box was far to restricting. A block of burr elm was purchased, using the most unorthodox of techniques, six months later and two weeks before the wedding it was finished, creating a box carved from a solid piece of wood in a very unique shape and style,

The seed was planted.

As you can see by his unique designs, Gary has had to introduce unusual and unorthodox techniques to produce his work.

The techniques for making the boxes and the boxes themselves have continued to evolve.

Although he does not restrict himself to making boxes, they do seem to have become a prominent part of the work that he produces.

Gary's inspiration comes from a combination between his passion of fantasy art and the organic surroundings of the Lake District. The combination of the two, give a very unique style to his work.